If you are going around in circles trying to figure out what myfax.com means when they say “enable SPF” then this blog is for you.

I recently had this experience with myfax. A client came to me and said “we can’t send faxes with myfax until we enable SPF”. My response to them was “great, just tell me what the SPF record is that you want me to add and we should be all good”. To which they responded “we seem to be going around in circles with myfax because they just say to enable SPF but aren’t giving us a record to add”.

After digging around and getting no hope at all from myfax I discovered that what they mean is that the email program you’re using has to be authorized by your domain to send on your behalf. 

For example you might have a custom domain that you have hooked up to gmail, outlook, yahoo etc. While you are able to send emails from these email services you need to log into your domain and authorize these external email clients the authority to send email on your behalf.

For example if you use Google workspace to send email from your custom domain, you’ll need to log into the domain hosting service. EG Dreamhost, godaddy, bluehost etc and add the following


This should solve the SPF issue with myfax. In summary ask yourself “what service am I sending to send email”, and “Have I added the SPF record with my domain to allow this email client to send on my behalf using SPF.

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