Taken from a recent Youtube Q&A session

  1. Q: How does Molly-Mae rate her car as a mother, considering space and baby kit requirements?
    • A: Molly-Mae rates her car highly as a mother. She finds it spacious enough for baby essentials and appreciates its convenience for family outings.
  2. Q: Does Molly-Mae ever see herself moving out of Manchester, and what are the factors influencing this decision?
    • A: While Molly-Mae loves Manchester, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of moving. Factors like family needs and career opportunities would influence any potential decision.
  3. Q: How has Molly-Mae’s perspective on the number of children she wants changed since becoming a mother, and what are her thoughts on having more babies?
    • A: Becoming a mother has shifted Molly-Mae’s perspective, making her open to the idea of more children. She values the experience and is considering expanding her family.
  4. Q: What are Molly-Mae’s honest feelings about her body image post-pregnancy, and how is she coping with the changes?
    • A: Molly-Mae is candid about her post-pregnancy body image, acknowledging changes. She embraces her body, focusing on self-love and adjusting to the new normal.
  5. Q: Does Bambi have a middle name, and what were the considerations in deciding whether or not to give her one?
    • A: Bambi doesn’t have a middle name. Molly-Mae and Tommy considered simplicity and personal preference when deciding not to give her one.
  6. Q: How has Molly-Mae’s daily routine changed since becoming a mother, and what are some of the challenges she faces?
    • A: Molly-Mae’s daily routine has evolved with motherhood. While she navigates challenges, she cherishes the new responsibilities and joys that come with caring for Bambi.
  7. Q: What has been the most surprising aspect of motherhood for Molly-Mae, and how has it impacted her life and priorities?
    • A: The most surprising aspect for Molly-Mae has been the depth of love and connection with Bambi. Motherhood has shifted her priorities, emphasizing family and personal fulfillment.
  8. Q: How does Molly-Mae rate her car on a scale of 1 to 10, considering her experiences as a driver and the features of the vehicle?
    • A: Molly-Mae rates her car highly, perhaps an 8 or 9, considering her experiences and the practical features that cater to her needs as a driver and a mother.
  9. Q: Does Molly-Mae have plans to move to a larger or different house, and what factors will influence her decision when it comes to her family’s home?
    • A: While there are no immediate plans, Molly-Mae is open to moving to a larger house based on family needs. Factors such as space and location will influence any future decisions.
  10. Q: How does Molly-Mae feel about the reactions to her daughter’s name, Bambi Fury, and has public opinion influenced her perspective on the name?
    • A: Molly-Mae appreciates the varied reactions to Bambi Fury’s name. Public opinion hasn’t significantly influenced her perspective, as she and Tommy chose the name with personal significance and meaning.

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