These are the questions and answers that Allie Sherlock discussed in a recent Youtube live video.

Q&A with Ali Sherlock:

  1. Why did Ali choose the name “Sherlock” as her stage name?
    • Ali didn’t choose “Sherlock” as a stage name; it’s her actual last name. Her father’s last name is Holmes, and her full name is Mark Sherlock.
  2. Has Ali ever considered a modeling career?
    • No, Ali has never considered a modeling career. She prefers to focus on her music.
  3. At what age did Ali start playing guitar and piano?
    • Ali started playing guitar a few years ago, taking lessons for about a year. As for the piano, she took lessons for about a year and a half when she was younger but stopped.
  4. How does Ali balance her physique? Does she go to the gym or exercise at home?
    • Ali balances her physique by going to the gym and working out at home. She recently started going to the gym again, but she also has a small gym at home.
  5. Does Ali celebrate Christmas with any Irish traditions?
    • Ali and her family don’t have specific Irish Christmas traditions, but they usually have a family Christmas dinner, which feels like a tradition to them.
  6. Has Ali ever busked without her dad?
    • No, Ali has never busked without her dad. It’s not only a logistical challenge, but he also provides important support and protection.
  7. Is Ali planning to try a 12-string guitar?
    • Ali would like to try a 12-string guitar because they sound interesting, but she hasn’t attempted it yet.
  8. Does Ali have any upcoming concerts or plans to perform in the Netherlands?
    • There are no specific plans for concerts in the Netherlands at the moment, but Ali hopes to perform there someday.
  9. Why did Ali decline the deal from a major record label?
    • Ali declined a deal from a major record label recently because she wants what’s right for her career and won’t settle for anything less.
  10. What is Ali’s favorite instrument, and does she want to learn to play any other instruments?
    • Ali’s favorite instrument is the piano, and while she already plays guitar, she would like to learn more about it. Her dad can teach her.
  11. How does Ali deal with the attention and recognition in public?
    • Recognition is nice, but attention can be awkward, especially in public. People often approach Ali in the middle of conversations or while she’s eating.
  12. Is Ali planning to come to Los Angeles anytime soon?
    • Ali and her dad have been to Los Angeles a few times, but there are no current plans to visit. It’s a bit tricky with everything going on.
  13. Is Cohen studying music in London, and did Ali and Cohen ever have a romantic relationship?
    • Yes, Cohen is studying music in London. Ali and Cohen decided to pursue their individual musical paths, and they were never romantically involved.
  14. Is Ali open to collaborations with other artists?
    • Ali is open to collaborations with other artists, but there are no specific plans at the moment.
  15. Does Ali feel famous in public, and how does she deal with attention?
    • Ali doesn’t feel famous in public, but she appreciates the recognition. Dealing with attention can be challenging, especially during personal moments.
  16. Would Ali love to hear suggestions from her viewers for video topics or ideas for her vlogs?
    • Ali would love to hear suggestions from her viewers for video topics or ideas for her vlogs.
  17. Does Ali speak Hungarian?
    • Ali doesn’t speak Hungarian, but she had a Hungarian friend. Learning it could be interesting, though.
  18. Is “Sherlock” Ali’s actual last name, or is it a stage name?
    • “Sherlock” is Ali’s actual last name; it’s not a stage name.
  19. Are there plans for Ali to perform at the Grammys next year?
    • There are no plans for Ali to perform at the Grammys next year. She appreciates the support but hasn’t received any nominations.
  20. Would Ali consider creating guitar tutorial videos in the future?
    • Ali would consider creating guitar tutorial videos in the future.

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