This was taken from questions that were asked during a recent Youtube live.

  • Q: How did Ali get her busking license for Grafton Street? A: You gotta apply to the Dublin City Council, fill out the form, and then email it to them.
  • Q: Is Ali planning any new music for 2024? A: Yes, she has plans for writing sessions and creating original sounds with other writers.
  • Q: Does Ali want a career in music or continue as a street singer? A: She wants a career in music and aspires to be famous.
  • Q: Who is Ali’s producer, and what is their relationship? A: Ali works with Ryan Tedder, a producer and songwriter, under a five-year contract. Ryan is not only the front man of OneRepublic but also a renowned producer.
  • Q: What was the inspiration behind Ali’s vlog series, and how does she feel about the positive feedback? A: The vlog series was inspired by her dad’s suggestion. Ali appreciates the positive feedback and is glad that people enjoy them.
  • Q: What is Ali’s approach to learning and improving cover songs? A: Ali recommends listening to the song intensely, playing it in the background while doing tasks to get familiar with it.
  • Q: Why did Ali mention the difficulty with some fan accounts, particularly on YouTube? A: Ali expressed concern about certain YouTube fan accounts that sexualize her, especially when she wears workout clothes, and finds it disturbing.
  • Q: What is Ali’s father’s occupation, and how is he involved in her career? A: Ali’s father used to have a workshop and currently runs a childcare facility. He is also involved in the construction of Ali’s house and helps manage her music career.
  • Q: Has Ali collaborated with Ryan Tedder, and what is the nature of their collaboration? A: Yes, Ali has a five-year contract with Ryan Tedder, who is not only the front man of OneRepublic but also a producer. They collaborate on producing songs Ali writes with other co-writers.
  • Q: Why did Ali address the adoption joke in one of her vlogs? A: The adoption joke was a misunderstanding, and Ali clarified it was a 100% joke in her vlog, emphasizing that she is not adopted.
  • Q: How is Ali involved in the construction of her new house? A: Ali is the project manager and builder of her new house, as it was more cost-effective for her to manage the construction herself.
  • Q: What advice does Ali have for someone looking to see her perform in Dublin? A: If someone wants to see Ali perform in Dublin, they should check her social media for updates on performance locations.
  • Q: Does Ali have any plans to visit Bangladesh or other countries? A: Ali has not visited Bangladesh yet, and her plans for international travel depend on various factors, including the ongoing pandemic.
  • Q: How does Ali prepare to belt high notes easily, and what is her vocal range? A: Ali lowers her larynx to sing high notes and uses the actions of a yawn to achieve the desired sound. Her exact vocal range is not mentioned.
  • Q: What are the challenges Ali faces with certain fan accounts, especially on YouTube? A: Ali finds certain YouTube fan accounts disturbing as they sexualize her, particularly when she wears workout clothes, impacting her comfort level.
  • Q: How did Ali acquire her three cats, and why does she feed them? A: Ali got her three cats from a lady who had a cat with kittens. She feeds them because they initially helped with a rat problem.
  • Q: Is Ali planning to release another CD in the near future? A: Currently, there are no plans for another CD in the near future.
  • Q: What is Ali’s response to fan requests for collaborations with other artists like SZA or Cena? A: Ali mentions not knowing those artists personally and suggests reaching out to them.

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