There are a few different explanations as to why your TikTok video gets no views. There is a good chance that you have changed the settings of your video to make it private by mistake. It’s also possible that the problem is related to the network, either on your end or TikTok’s. The following are some additional possibilities:

  1. The content is currently being evaluated.
  2. The quality of the video is really low.
  3. The Video is duplicated 
  4. It has been published on a device that is not allowed.
  5. It makes use of terms, keywords or phrases that are banned.

Aside from that, if the material that you submitted violates the criteria that TikTok has established for its community, you will be shadowbanned, and as a consequence, the visibility of the content that you publish will be greatly diminished.

Another rational explanation may be that the audience did not find the video to be engaging enough. The percentage of video that are seen all the way through is the primary factor that TikTok considers when determining the relative quality of each video. It indicates what proportion of the video has been seen. The longer one watches the video, the more beneficial this ratio becomes.

During the test phase, the video will only be shown to a limited number of people if the completion rate is relatively low. It is important that the content of your video be original and engaging in order to maintain the attention of the audience and encourage them to see the video through to its conclusion.

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