You might think of shadowbanning as a more gentle kind of banning since it prevents your video from appearing on the For You page of the audience you’re trying to attract or from showing up under relevant tags. The immediate effect of this is a sharp decline in the amount of audience interaction with your content, as measured by the number of views, comments, and likes.

It is possible that you have been subjected to a shadow ban if you have seen that viewers of your videos are paying somewhat less attention to them than they once did. Hashtag stuffing, breaking a community policy, uploading material with any kind of quality issue, or using questionable methods to garner followers or viewer traction are all examples of behaviours that might result in a shadowban.

You will be subject to an instant shadowban if TikTok discovers that you have been utilising third-party applications or outlets in order to obtain phoney followers or bot interactions. The use of virtual private networks (VPNs) is another practise that the developers of TikTok take a dim view of, which results in the application of temporary bans or shadowbans.

Depending on the severity of the accusation that was placed against you, a shadowban might last anywhere from a few days to up to two weeks. In order to remove shadowbans, you may utilise the “Report a problem” option found in the “Account settings” section of TikTok to access the Support Tickets feature and get in touch with the TikTok help desk – stay tuned for an upcoming breakdown of the processes involved in this process!

TikTok will not hesitate to temporarily ban your account if you violate its community guidelines in a manner that is considered to be relatively severe or on multiple occasions. During this time, you will not be able to use your account for significant engagement, such as posting new content on the platform. Additionally, a notice will be sent to your Inbox telling you that the temporary suspension of your account has been implemented.

If this is your first infraction, you may be able to get away with 24-48 hour limits or a suspension of your account to a view-only condition for up to 72 hours (during this time, you won’t be able to submit videos, leave likes or comments, or interact with other users’ content). The severity of your violation and the frequency with which you break community rules will determine the kind and degree of punishment that you get.

Finally, if you want to put TikTok’s zero-tolerance policies to the test, you should know that if you do so, you will have to deal with the aftermath of losing your account because TikTok doesn’t waste any time and will immediately impose a permanent ban on any account that disregards its caveats to abstain from any of the prohibited activities, such as promoting or engaging in activities related to terrorism, ammunition or arms, human or drug trafficking, pornography

If you are under 13 years old and TikTok finds out about it, then there is another cause for TikTok to permanently delete your account. Sometimes, TikTok may prevent you from making new accounts on a particular device by placing a ban on the device itself. This will prevent you from using that device to create new accounts.

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