We recently received the following message from Keap in regards to our integration with Zapier.

It looks like Zapier has been consistently sending ~10k DataSeervice.query calls per hour every hour to your application over the past seven days. This consistent calling to the application over that time is odd and seems excessive. It may not have caused an issue over the past week as other apps may have had low usage on the server block during that time, but if another app or apps began utilizing the server block normally it would then cause the large consistent amounts of calls we’re seeing here to cause server stability issues which triggered alerts for our Site Reliability Engineering team.

The reason for this issue is because we had too many Zaps running. If you have more than 50+ Zaps in Zapier then you may be running the risk of being banned from Keap.

Even when a zap doesn’t fire. It is still constantly polling and checking every contact in your database to see if any new tags have been banned. You can imagine how demanding this can become if you have thousands of contact records. 

You have two solutions to fix this issue. The first possible solution is the reduce the amount of zaps you have in Zapier.

The second possible solution is to remove your tag triggers and replace them with HTTP posts from within your campaign builder. Using this to trigger a zap will eliminate Zapier’s thirsty need of checking every single contact every few seconds to see if a new tag has been added.

I hope this helps! I have also heard of people complaining to Zapier and Zapier admitting that it has started to become an issue since they upgraded their UI. Some people I have know have also asked that Zapier put them back into their old UI which fixed the problem.

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