One common question you might have is wondering if it is possible to have a limited amount of promo code usages per promo code. For example you might make a promo code that applies a discount to the first 10 people that use it, then have it no longer work. This is not possible in Keap Infusionsoft. The only criteria you can have that would sort of achieve this is by having it as a time sensitive promo code. For example you could have it valid from Jan 1st to Jan 3rd, and then shut off.

A follow up question is can you be notified when someone uses a promo code. The answer to that is no. You can’t set up any automation within Keap Infusionsoft to be notified when someone has used a promo code. The only way to do this would be to use 3rd party integration apps and hook it up to a spreadsheet with specific conditions.

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