If you have some campaign emails that were scheduled to be send in Infusionsoft/Keap that didn’t go out and you’re wondering why, then this might be the issue you’re having.

It’s a simple mistake to have. The issue is the field timer”. More specifically “next occurance” and “use year from field”.


For example when you think of the words “next christmas”, you can naturally assume the christmas that is happening this year. You would think that is “next occurance”. However, Infusionsoft/Keap think of that differently. They think of “next occurance” being not this one, but the one after. 

To fix this issue you would have to change the contact field timer to “use year from field”.

I have seen this issue with many clients and hope this solves the issue of emails that were supposed to be going out now, but are scheduled for next year.

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