Encryption is the process of making your data unreadable to others by encoding it. Hashing is a one-way cryptographic function that converts an arbitrary number of bytes of data into a fixed-length value. The difference between encryption and hashing is that encryption makes your data unreadable to others while hashing only converts the data into a fixed-length value.

If you have tried sending Nano to a Trust Wallet and checked the blockchain to see that you have the message “Transactions ready to be received” and that the representative is offline then here is a simple solution that will fix this issue.

If you keep refreshing your Trust Wallet the issue won’t be resolved.

The simple solution is to completely close your Trust wallet and then open the app again. Forcing the app to load again after a close down will allow the Nano to be received. This worked for me as I tried refreshing my wallet 20 times but still couldn’t get the Nano. Opening the wallet after a restart worked for me. Hope this solution works for you!