Has your clickfunnels site been banned from advertising on Google ads because Google is saying your website has “malicious software”? Have you enquired further with Google only for them to tell you a bunch of your images and CSS files are the reason for this unusual penalty?

I have seen many complaints regarding this and have even experienced this with a client of my own. If you speak to Clickfunnel support they will offer no help.

I did however come up with a solution that solved this issue and got my Google ads account reinstated and back online. I will share this with you today and hope that this gets your account reactivated as well.

The Solution
Step 1 – Use the free Google site transparency safe search tool. Enter your website into this free tool. If your website comes back clean of any issues it will look like the screenshot below.

Step 2 – Copy the URL of the results page indicating there are no issues with your website.

Step 3 – Use the Google ads live support chat feature and request that your website be reviewed for malicious software once again. This time present the Google support worker with a link to the safe search results tool which indicates all malicious software has been removed (not that there was any on the site in the first place).

Step 4 – Once they see that their own report tool shows that there is no issues with your website, they will reactivate your Google ads account. This worked for me and I hope that it works for you too.

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