Do you have a form in Clickfunnels that won’t do anything after you click the submit button? I am going to help you with the three most common solutions for an unresponsive Clickfunnel form.

1.) Check to make sure that the forms submit action is enabled. You want to select “submit order/submit form” as the action. You will also want to ensure that you have a thank you page set under the funnel step so that there is a page for the customer to go to after the form has been submitted. If you don’t have a thank you page then once they have clicked the submit button, the page will just reload and the customer won’t know if the form worked or not.

set action button in clickfunnels


2.) If #1 failed to solve the issue then it means you have a popup form that is competing with your regular form. To solve this issue you will have to click the “show popup” button on the edit screen and delete all the elements. This includes things such as name, email, and the button. Once you have deleted all the popup form elements and saved your page. The regular form on your clickfunnel page should work. 

popup elements clickfunnels

3.) Do you have custom type field? Did you enter text in the custom type? I have seen that on occasions entering text into this can cause the submit button not to work. Delete any text here and save the changes.  

4.) If these still didn’t help then it could be the default domain settings. In your account settings, click domain and then default page. Move the default page to another step in the funnel and click save. wait a few minutes and then change the default page back to your original step in your funnel. Click save and see if this then allows your submit form to work. 

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