I first reported this in March this year. The problem arises when you visit the page that you created in Clickfunnels and instead of seeing the page you created, you’re greeted with a blank white page. 

The only way to load the page is to change the URL in Clickfunnels.

This happens from time to time when Clickfunnels bans/restricts all pages in every users Clickfunnels that has a certain path. In my case it was when I had the path /contest. I spoke to someone at Clickfunnel and they tried making a page in their own personal Clickfunnel with the path /contest using a completely new URL and they too had the page showing as blank.

This can happen from time to time with Clickfunnels. The only thing you can do is reach out to Clickfunnel support and tell them what is happening. Ask that they create the same path on their own Clickfunnels site. If they are able to recreate the issues they will then ask you to do a screen recording using Loom so they can alert their supervisor. Once these steps have been in place they will recover the broken path.

In summary it’s a common and often silect bug that isn’t discussed. It’s valid, you’re valid and it’s really annoying. Fix it Clickfunnels!

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