Do you have a form in Clickfunnels that won’t do anything after you click the submit button? I am going to help you with the three most common solutions for an unresponsive Clickfunnel form.

1.) Check to make sure that the forms submit action is enabled. You want to select “submit order/submit form” as the action. You will also want to ensure that you have a thank you page set under the funnel step so that there is a page for the customer to go to after the form has been submitted. If you don’t have a thank you page then once they have clicked the submit button, the page will just reload and the customer won’t know if the form worked or not.

set action button in clickfunnels


2.) If #1 failed to solve the issue then it means you have a popup form that is competing with your regular form. To solve this issue you will have to click the “show popup” button on the edit screen and delete all the elements. This includes things such as name, email, and the button. Once you have deleted all the popup form elements and saved your page. The regular form on your clickfunnel page should work. 

popup elements clickfunnels

3.) Do you have custom type field? Did you enter text in the custom type? I have seen that on occasions entering text into this can cause the submit button not to work. Delete any text here and save the changes.  

4.) If these still didn’t help then it could be the default domain settings. In your account settings, click domain and then default page. Move the default page to another step in the funnel and click save. wait a few minutes and then change the default page back to your original step in your funnel. Click save and see if this then allows your submit form to work. 

I first reported this in March this year. The problem arises when you visit the page that you created in Clickfunnels and instead of seeing the page you created, you’re greeted with a blank white page. 

The only way to load the page is to change the URL in Clickfunnels.

This happens from time to time when Clickfunnels bans/restricts all pages in every users Clickfunnels that has a certain path. In my case it was when I had the path /contest. I spoke to someone at Clickfunnel and they tried making a page in their own personal Clickfunnel with the path /contest using a completely new URL and they too had the page showing as blank.

This can happen from time to time with Clickfunnels. The only thing you can do is reach out to Clickfunnel support and tell them what is happening. Ask that they create the same path on their own Clickfunnels site. If they are able to recreate the issues they will then ask you to do a screen recording using Loom so they can alert their supervisor. Once these steps have been in place they will recover the broken path.

In summary it’s a common and often silect bug that isn’t discussed. It’s valid, you’re valid and it’s really annoying. Fix it Clickfunnels!

If you are looking at ways to create links that when clicked take the visitor directly to a particular section on your page in Clickfunnels then you have come to the right place.

These are commonly referred to as anchor links. 

How to create an Anchor Link

step 1.) Locate the section of the clickfunnel page you want to create the link to.

Step 2.) Click the settings icon on the section

clickfunnel settings

Step 3.) Click the # at the bottom of the setting menu you just opened.

set section css info in clickfunnels

step 4.) Copy the CSS ID Selector

css id selector in clickfunnels

Step5.) Add the CSS ID Selector to the end of the page URL. For example, using the ID selector in this demonstration, if your website is then you are going to create the link

When someone uses that link it will take them directly to the section on your page that you want them to go to instead of the top of the webpage by default.

If you are using your own landing page as the registration page for an Everwebinar and want to showcase everyone that has registered for your even in a tiny popup window that shows the persons name and the location they have signed up for, I recommend ProveSource

Many of these social proof platforms don’t work well with Everwebinar. I have personally tested ProveSource and can confirm that this works and is able to push live registration information back to your non Everwebinar rego page that contains the embed link.

You can check them out via here.

Has your clickfunnels site been banned from advertising on Google ads because Google is saying your website has “malicious software”? Have you enquired further with Google only for them to tell you a bunch of your images and CSS files are the reason for this unusual penalty?

I have seen many complaints regarding this and have even experienced this with a client of my own. If you speak to Clickfunnel support they will offer no help.

I did however come up with a solution that solved this issue and got my Google ads account reinstated and back online. I will share this with you today and hope that this gets your account reactivated as well.

The Solution
Step 1 – Use the free Google site transparency safe search tool. Enter your website into this free tool. If your website comes back clean of any issues it will look like the screenshot below.

Step 2 – Copy the URL of the results page indicating there are no issues with your website.

Step 3 – Use the Google ads live support chat feature and request that your website be reviewed for malicious software once again. This time present the Google support worker with a link to the safe search results tool which indicates all malicious software has been removed (not that there was any on the site in the first place).

Step 4 – Once they see that their own report tool shows that there is no issues with your website, they will reactivate your Google ads account. This worked for me and I hope that it works for you too.

If you’re looking for a way to show a button that will show more content such as text, images and videos when clicked in Clickfunnels then you will want to create a button that uses the hide/unhide function. 

For example, you might have a very long page that you want to reduce the size of. You can create the elements and hide them all only to be revealed when a button is clicked.

The video below will show how this is achieved in Clickfunnels


If you have created a Clickfunnel step and noticed that the final URL has added extra numbers and digits after the words, it’s because this word already exists in a step for another funnel. For example if you created and Clickfunnel has changed the URL to This is because you have another step somewhere that is using the /hello URL.

To overcome this and stop Clickfunnels from adding extra letters and numbers you have the make the step name unique. EG If Clickfunnels can see that no other step is names “Welcome” then it won’t add all that extra stuff after the final URL.

If you’re wondering why your Clickfunnel page keeps redirecting when you don’t want it to, here is a list of the top 4 reasons why this might be occurring.

1.) In the “head” settings areas, you have a redirect script in there. To find this section you will want to visit the “head tracking code” in the funnel settings. 

2.) The page itself has redirect code in it. This is different to step 1 because this isn’t a global head section. Each page has a page specific “tracking code” section. To view this, open the page in question. Click edit and then click settings and tracking code.

3.) You have added a time redirect to the countdown widget.

4.) You have a hidden section or row in the funnel that has a redirect in it. The most common issue for the confusing redirect is you have a hidden row or section that has the countdown timer in it that redirect when the countdown equals 0. 

Many users think that hiding a section means its no longer active in the code. This is not true when it comes to the Clickfunnel countdown widget.

Hope this helps.

This is a step by step guide on how to connect your Dreamhost domain domain to clickfunnel. 

The first step is to login to Dreamhost and find the domain that you want to add the CNAME record to.

Click “Domains” in the side menu. Then click “manage my domains”.

You will now see the list of domains currently in your Dreamhost account.

You will want to make sure that the domain is set to “DNS Only”. I have an example image below. The top domains is “DNS only” which is great. The bottom domain isn’t so in this case you will want to click “edit” and make it set to “DNS only”.

Once you have ensured that you’re set to “DNS Only”, you’ll want to click “DNS” right below where it lists your domain name. Example below.

Once the screen loads, just put www and then the text into the “value” field. Please ensure “CNAME” is selected in the dropdown box.

All done. Have a great day.

The ClickOptin is a link used in an email. So, while the clickfunnel user must have them as a ‘contact’, the contact does not have to already be a clickfunnel contact.

The link will automatically trigger the Submit function from an optin page. The visitor will never see that page but will be instantly directed to the next step or redirect override once the link is clicked in the email. The only contact info added would be an email address. It will not collect or auto prefill a person’s name.

If they are not a known contact in clickfunnels, the ClickOptin will use the link in the email to grab the email (whether it’s coming from Mailchimp, Active Campaign etc) and optin with that information. But it’s not an auto prefill feature from the browser.