When attempting to make changes to your website using Elementor, you might run into an error code 403 if the website you’re working on is powered by WordPress and you’re using that plugin. If you receive this error message, it indicates that your host has prevented access to the server via the IP address you provided.

If you have access to cPanel, one solution that you could try would be to turn off modsecurity protection through that interface. In the event that this does not work for you, you will need to get in touch with your hosting provider and request that they whitelist your IP address so that you can access the server. It is necessary to do this in order to be able to make changes to WordPress once more without receiving the 403 error message.

It is important to keep in mind that certain hosting providers, such as Namecheap, may have very stringent security measures in place, which may result in a higher likelihood of encountering this issue. In the event that you do run into this issue, there is no need for alarm because it is a common problem that, in most cases, can be solved by asking for assistance from your host.



If you are using the all in one wordpress migration tool and want to change the URL of the site you’re migrating to.

When you click to export you must the find and replace setting below.


For example if you want to change your websites URL from example.com to example2.com then you would do so like the screenshot below.

If you want to migrate from a subdomain to a normal domain. For example test.example.com to whatever.com. You would do so like the example image below.


If you are on the fence as to which hosting provider is better then you need to look no further. Having hosted this site on Dreamhost for the last 3 years I decided to move my hosting to SiteGround as I was facing considerable downtimes and slow server response times with Dreamhost.

The graph below shows the moment I moved from Dreamhost to SiteGround. I have since had 100% uptime and my response times have gone from 3 seconds on average to under 1 second. I am currently in the process of moving all my sites away from Dreamhost.