The Data Hydration Failure – some fields may be missing message error looks something like this screenshot below.

zapier error message

This can occur from time to time if you’re unlucky when you have recently deleted custom fields inside your Keap/Infusionsoft CRM. The strange part about this is that it can still occur even though you don’t use any of these custom fields with your Zapier automations.

It is a well known bug that people within the Keap community are aware of. I have spoken to many people that say they are too afraid to delete any custom fields in fear that it might break all their Zapier automations.

Solution #1

Add the fields back that you deleted. Many have claimed that adding the recently deleted fields using the same field name in KEAP miraculously made their Zapier data hydration failure message go away.

Solution #2

Reach out to Zapier support and report your error. I recently had the Zapier data hydration failure message and this was Zapier’s response to me. Pasted below.

I’ve had a look into the errored run for you and it looks like you’re running into a bug here. I’ve found a very similar bug report raised with our Product team and I’ve now added you to the list of affected users to ensure that you’ll be notified as soon as there’s an update.

 While I can’t provide a timeline for when this bug will be resolved, we’ll be sure to be in touch with you as soon as we have any updates. From the report I can see that in some cases Infusionsoft will return the contact details as hydration as opposed to the expected JSON format which causes the trigger to fail: 

Update – Solution #3

I have some extra information since I wrote this blog. I have spoken to a few people at Zapier and have since experienced this a few times first hand. Solution option #3 is to simply wait. The reason you’re getting the data hydration failure message in Zapier is because Zapier’s cache hasn’t updated yet. Say for example you went from 150 custom fields to 149. That is enough for Zapier to get confused and bail out. Sounds crazy right? You have to wait until Zapier automatically updates its cache. This can range from 2 to 24 hours depending where you are in the cycle. Once Zapier recognizes how many custom fields you have, all will be good again and your Zaps will be up and running.

My advice to ensure this doesn’t happen again is to max out all your custom fields. Even if you have no need to, create fields like empty1, empty2, empty3 and when you get the need to use a new field, just replace empty1 with the new field name. That way the amount of custom fields you have doesn’t ever deviate and won’t expose you to the risk of getting the dreaded hydration error message. If you are really desperate and can’t wait hours or days for this error to correct itself I would advise you to contact Zapier and ask that they give you priority and have your account cache refresh.

Hope this helps and gives a bit of transparency into the issue.


If you are using Microsoft teams and can’t see the mouse pointer it is because you were moving the chat window between two monitors. To ensure this doesn’t happen again, don’t move the live chat or live video screen between monitors. It happens to me all the time when I am on a live call and move the person presenting to my other computer monitor. Avoid the temptation is my only advice.

Restarting your computer is the only way to fix this issue. Hope this helps.