If you are looking at ways to create links that when clicked take the visitor directly to a particular section on your page in Clickfunnels then you have come to the right place.

These are commonly referred to as anchor links. 

How to create an Anchor Link

step 1.) Locate the section of the clickfunnel page you want to create the link to.

Step 2.) Click the settings icon on the section

clickfunnel settings

Step 3.) Click the # at the bottom of the setting menu you just opened.

set section css info in clickfunnels

step 4.) Copy the CSS ID Selector

css id selector in clickfunnels

Step5.) Add the CSS ID Selector to the end of the page URL. For example, using the ID selector in this demonstration, if your website is example.com then you are going to create the link example.com#headline-88082.

When someone uses that link it will take them directly to the section on your page that you want them to go to instead of the top of the webpage by default.

The answer is no. There is no way that you can use an order form, payment link, quote to have the form detect that the person is from Ontario, Alberta etc and charge the appropriate provincial tax. The only way to get tax is after the purchase has been made which is undesirable.

If you want to charge tax at the point of sale and for the form to adjust the tax in real time when the purchase is being made, you will have to use Max Classic which has this ability.