This Onedrive error code may also state “the cloud file provider exited unexpectedly, when trying to access files of OneDrive”. Today I am going to show you a step by step easy fix that will resolve the 0x80070194 error code.

We need to temporarily turn off the files on demand feature.

Step 1.) Look for the Onedrive icon at the bottom right of your windows taskbar. Right click the icon and select settings.

onedrive icon in the windows taskbar

screenshot clicking the onedrive settings

Step 2.) Click the first tab which is “settings” and then scroll the the bottom where it says “save space and download files as you use them”. Be sure to unselect this setting.

turn off files on demand

Step 3.) Once you have selected ok, please wait 5 seconds and then restart Onedrive. You can do this by right clicking the onedrive icon and selecting “close Onedrive”.

Step 4.) If the problem persists then press the windows + R key on the keyboard which should bring up a dialog box.

windows dialogue box

Step 5.) Copy and paste the following command and click ok. %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Step 6.) Launch Onedrive using the windows search function.

opening onedrive in the windows search

Once it has launched you can now Re-setup OneDrive. 

Please let me know in the comments any feedback. 


If you are having issues with Onedrive stuck in a synch loop that has the error message “OneDrive is updating files” then this is the solution for you.

Step 1.) Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard

Step 2.) Copy and paste the following text into the dialog box and click enter %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

windows dialogue box

Step 3.) Wait 5 seconds and then press the Windows Key + R like you did in step 1. This time you will need to copy and paste the following text. %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe Once you have done this please click enter on the keyboard.

This should have fixed your Onedrive issue. If the problem persists you will need to reinstall Onedrive.

Keyspire is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. Pyramid schemes rely on you recruiting other people and getting some type of recurring commission based on your downline. Keyspire doesn’t even offer any sales/commission/affiliate program. With Keyspire you pay your money to receive your training and that is where the business relationship ends. At no stage have I witnessed or been asked to recruit.

Is Keyspire a scam? Again, the answer to this is no. You pay your money and get the advertised learning materials and training. There have been no reports of anyone that I have researched where they paid money to Keyspire and didn’t get what was promised. Of course you have every right to feel that the value is/isn’t there for the price but that is your opinion.

Step 1.) Login to facebook from a computer.

Step 2.) At the top right corner of the screen will be a down arrow icon. Select that icon.

Step 3.) Click “Settings & privacy”.

Step 4.) Click the settings button.

Step 5.) Look at the far left menu column and find the option “mobile”.

Step 6.) Once clicked you will then see a link called “lost your phone”.

Step 7.) You will now see a popup message with an option to “log out on phone”. Select this option and you will be logged out of your lost or stolen phone.

Step 1.) Login to your outlook account. You can do this by clicking this link.

Step 2.) Up the top right corner of the screen click the settings icon.

Step 3.) You will now see a link that says “view all Outlook settings”. Click that.

Step 4.) You will now see a link called “forwarding”. Once you click that you will now be able to “enable forwarding” and type in the email address you would like the forwarded emails to be delivered to. You can also choose to keep a copy of the forwarded messages.

You are now done. You won’t have to click save as it will autosave what you have done.

If you have created a Clickfunnel step and noticed that the final URL has added extra numbers and digits after the words, it’s because this word already exists in a step for another funnel. For example if you created and Clickfunnel has changed the URL to This is because you have another step somewhere that is using the /hello URL.

To overcome this and stop Clickfunnels from adding extra letters and numbers you have the make the step name unique. EG If Clickfunnels can see that no other step is names “Welcome” then it won’t add all that extra stuff after the final URL.

If you have your Google analytics code ready and want to insert into your Squarespace header section of your account but don’t know where. Follow these steps.

Step 1.) Click “Settings” in your Squarespace account.

Step 2.) Scroll down to where it says “advanced”

Step 3.) Click “code injection”.

Step 4.) Paste your Google analytics code into the “header” section.

If you are trying to create a Keap order via the API and wondering how to add taxes to the order because taxes aren’t being added automatically at the Infusionsoft/Keap/Max site, then look no further.

This can be done by adding a tax line item (ItemType: 2 on the OrderItem table) and setting the value upon creation. You should be using the tax amount presented to your customer through your storefront or point of sale, as to make sure the correct/expected amount is being charged. If you are not collecting these orders through a storefront, you will want to have something built into your integration to calculate the tax amounts during the integration step before the data is passed to Infusionsoft/Keap via the API.

Hope that helps someone trying to figure out why there is no documentation on creating orders with tax (not subscriptions).