If you’re wondering why your Clickfunnel page keeps redirecting when you don’t want it to, here is a list of the top 4 reasons why this might be occurring.

1.) In the “head” settings areas, you have a redirect script in there. To find this section you will want to visit the “head tracking code” in the funnel settings. 

2.) The page itself has redirect code in it. This is different to step 1 because this isn’t a global head section. Each page has a page specific “tracking code” section. To view this, open the page in question. Click edit and then click settings and tracking code.

3.) You have added a time redirect to the countdown widget.

4.) You have a hidden section or row in the funnel that has a redirect in it. The most common issue for the confusing redirect is you have a hidden row or section that has the countdown timer in it that redirect when the countdown equals 0. 

Many users think that hiding a section means its no longer active in the code. This is not true when it comes to the Clickfunnel countdown widget.

Hope this helps.

We have all ran into the problem of existing contacts in your Keap/Infusionsoft account who suddenly decide to use new order information when completing a purchase which then creates a new contact record. I personally use 5 different email addresses at any given time which means this would create 5 new contact records.

To stop people from changing their email address. Add the following code to the custom footer code in your Keap/Infusionsoft order form. 

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
function getUrlVar(key){
var result = new RegExp(key + “=([^&]*)”, “i”).exec(window.location.search);
if (result != null) {
if (result[1].substring(0,1) != “+”) {
result[1] = result[1].replace(/\+/g,” “);
} else {
result[1] = “+” + result[1].substring(1).replace(/\+/g,” “);
return result && result[1] || “”;

jQuery(‘#emailAddress’).attr(‘readonly’, true);

When you send you contact records an email. You will want to link to the form like this example https://cu128.infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/b1941e1d-d9b1-47a6-8711-684d94d95063?FirstName=~Contact.FirstName~&amp;LastName=~Contact.LastName~&amp;Email=~Contact.Email~

Notice the first name, last name and email address are all contained in the URL’s UTMs?

This will auto fill the first, last and email on the form.

To make first name and last name non editable, just add the following code to the above code on this page.

jQuery(‘#FirstName’).attr(‘readonly’, true);

jQuery(‘#LastName’).attr(‘readonly’, true);

This is a step by step guide on how to connect your Dreamhost domain domain to clickfunnel. 

The first step is to login to Dreamhost and find the domain that you want to add the CNAME record to.

Click “Domains” in the side menu. Then click “manage my domains”.

You will now see the list of domains currently in your Dreamhost account.

You will want to make sure that the domain is set to “DNS Only”. I have an example image below. The top domains is “DNS only” which is great. The bottom domain isn’t so in this case you will want to click “edit” and make it set to “DNS only”.

Once you have ensured that you’re set to “DNS Only”, you’ll want to click “DNS” right below where it lists your domain name. Example below.

Once the screen loads, just put www and then the target.clickfunnels.com text into the “value” field. Please ensure “CNAME” is selected in the dropdown box.

All done. Have a great day.