If you want to create a Memberium shortcode for your wordpress site that is based on having a tag, but not an of a bunch of other tags. For example, show content to someone that has tag ID 22 but doesnt have any of the following tag ID’s 23,24,25. For following shortcode is for you.

[memb_has_any_tag tagid=”22″ except_tagid=”23,24,25″]
This is visible to users that have tag id 22 and does not have any of the 23, 24 or 25 tag ids
This is visible to users that don’t match the above condition

Are you currently trying to make sense of the “Checkout Pages” in Keap/Infusionsoft? Here are a bunch of issues I have found while playing around with it. 

I brought all these issues to support to see if it was just me that had things wrong. Nope, these are legitimate limitations that will drive you insane.

My main issuesrevolve around the checkout page. See screenshot below.

The first question you might be asking yourself is can you edit this page? I spoke to Infusionsoft/Keap and they said no. In no way, shape or form can you edit this page? 

Can you change the default currency away from USD? The answer is no. I will save you hours of playing around and frustration as I have just told you.

Can you edit “zip” code and change it to “Postal Code”? No, you can’t. I have asked multiple times and support told me it can’t be edited even if the product you created is listed in another currency.

What about asking for billing information on the checkout pages? No. This can’t be added. That means there is no taxation. If you made your product country, state, or city taxable it won’t work for you as there is no opportunity for the customer to enter their billing address and have the tax and final price updated.

What if you are selling a physical product such as a book? Can you have a shipping information section? The answer is no. If you want shipping information then you will have to go back to the old order forms and ditch the checkout pages.

In summary this only works if you are in the USA and looking to sell digital products to people in the United States. Any other scenario at this stage will not work.

Hope I saved you some time. If you have any other changes to note, please write them in the comments.

If you are looking to upload a CSV list of customers to Facebook in order to create a custom audience. The minimum requirement is that the CSV file must have an “email” column.

This can be very confusing because the example template that facebook offers have a bunch of unnecessary columns and fields and no mention of what is mandatory and optional.

In summary, as long as you have an email column you are fine to proceed.

If you have any updates since I posted this or have additional comments, please respond in the comments section below.