When you log into Google search console and add a new domain. The first and only choice Google Search Console will give you is a TXT record for you to add as a DNS entry. I will guide you on how to do this in Dreamhost.

Make sure you click “copy” like the example below.


Log into your Dreamhost account. Select “manage domains”, and click “DNS” on the domain in question.



Paste the TXT record in the TXT value like the example below.

That’s it. You are now done.


When you log back into Google Search console and click the verify button. You should see this message below. Do note. It took me about 45 mins for the domain ownership to go through. Don’t panic if it isn’t working for you right away. With Dreamhost it can take a while for the txt domain ownership to go through.

The answer at this stage is no. You can’t add taxation to a clickfunnel order form at the time of this writing.

Clickfunnels is an American company. In the United States, you can roll taxation into all your products and sort it out later.

If you are Canadian for example, this will prove very challenging because different provinces have different taxation percentages. 

I have asked Clickfunnels support, I have posted on the forum, I have contacted 3rd party companies and the answer is always the same. No!